Republicans win approval for ‘.gop,’ in potential boon for online organizing

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Fox News (4/8/14)- Republicans hope they’ve made a big leap toward closing the digital gap against Democrats, after getting their own “.gop” Internet address ending — a change they say will improve their brand and provide members with “a street address in the Republican neighborhood.” Beyond branding, the change is intended to help Republicans better compete in online fundraising, a large part of which has moved online. The Obama re-election effort reportedly raised more than $500 million online.

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.gop Delegated by ICANN

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Washington, D.C. (April 7, 2014) – This past Friday, .gop was delegated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This critical milestone marks the end of an almost two year application process which means that .gop was introduced into the Internet’s authoritative database known as the Root Zone. Friday’s event makes history […]

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.gop Helps Republicans up Their “Game”


Townhall (3/23/14)- In 2011, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) saw a unique opportunity to secure a key tool. Without fanfare or publicity, we sought, and obtained, the new web ending .gop. By getting .gop, we not only got a desirable (short) web ending, but also one that was instantly identifiable with our Party. In […]

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Ready for .gop?

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The Hill (3/15/14) – If the political campaigns of the future will be waged online, the Republican Party hopes to keep the fight on its turf with .gop domain names. “We know that this going to be a major factor in helping Republicans organize online,” said Will Martinez, vice president for sales and marketing with […]

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GOP set to launch first partisan Web domain

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The group that regulates Web addresses has made a raft of new suffixes available. The Republicans believe they will be the first political party to have their own. USA Today (2/22/14) – By the end of February, the Republican Party will apparently become the first political entity to have its own Web address ending. The […]

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